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With TALEN MAXINE’s IELTS course you will learn how to understand the test, the different question types and how to tackle them effectively.

International English Language Testing System
The IELTS is a comprehensive test that examines the use of English. It is used for study, migration, or work. The test assesses the four communicative skills and it is graded on a scale of 1-9.
IELTS has two types: General Training and Academic. IELTS Academic is the best option for those who want to pursue higher education studies or professional registration. IELTS General Training is suitable for work of for study below degree level.
With TALEN MAXINE’S IELTS course you will learn how to understand the test, the different question types and how to tackle them effectively.
Listening section
The IELTS listening section has 40 questions and lasts about 40-45 minutes. You will learn to identify the important information of the different listening sections. Listening questions include:
  • Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion.
  • Plan, map, diagram labeling.
  • Matching.
  • Multiple choices.
  • Sentence completion.
  • Short answer question.
Reading section
The Reading section will include texts that become more challenging as test taker advances. It is key to make efficient use of time in order to cover all different texts and answer all questions proposed. Reading questions include:
  • Multiple choice questions. …
  • Information identification questions. …
  • Information matching. …
  • Head Matching. …
  • Sentence completion. …
  • Summary completion. …
  • Features matching. …
  • Matching sentence endings.
Writing section
The writing section of the IELTS is an opportunity for you to show off your production skills.  This is the stage in which you put into practice your grammar, vocabulary, and drafting. The five most common IELTS Writing Task 2 questions are:
  • Opinion (agree or disagree).
  • Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • Problem and Solution.
  • Discussion (discuss both views).
  • Two-part Question.
Speaking section
In the speaking section of the IELTS, effective communication is evaluated alongside your grammar, vocabulary, and speech devices. There are different stages in this part of the test, and the time for you to speak increases as the test advances. There are no right or wrong answers, just communication. Some of the most common question types that appear in the IELTS speaking part are:
  • Opinion: Give your opinion on a certain topic. …
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the opinion of someone else.
  • Future: Your opinion about what will happen in the future?
  • Past: How have times changed?
  • Cause and Effect: What is the cause of a reaction/action?

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Duración: 3 meses.
Modalidad: en grupo, en línea.
Horario: martes de 7:00 pm a 9:00 pm COT.

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